Impact per girl child

For every girl who gets admitted at PMF, we take the complete
responsibility of her shelter, education and food, apart from her
mental, physical and emotional well-being, until she becomes
an independent adult.

Girls playing




A home every daughter

The PMF shelter is a safe and welcoming home for our 30 girls, who are cared for by our dedicated house staff, including a warden, qualified counsellor, in-house tutor, development officer, cook and assistant. A study area is dedicated to after-school learning, while ample play areas let the girls bond and play as children should. A hygienic kitchen serves fresh and nutritious food. The shelter is secured with CCTV cameras to ensure utmost safety.

With plans underway to support more girls, we are in need of a bigger home. Hence, we are raising funds to build a state-of-the-art shelter, which can accommodate up to 100 girls and support staff, apart from a small number of destitute women and senior citizens. Help us help those in need.

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Girls in uniform


Learning to excel

At PMF, we believe that educating the girl child is the best way to help her overcome her circumstances, societal hurdles and gender discrimination. Every girl at PMF attends regular government-aided school or college in the vicinity. We provide her with the required books, fees, uniform and stationary. Further, a qualified in-house tutor supports and monitors her learning outcome; a much-needed intervention considering her lack of early schooling and the absence of dedicated guardians to support her learning.

As a result of our systematic and holistic approach, many of our girls, who are first-time school-goers, have emerged toppers in their class. We are hopeful that they will continue to excel in academics and choose their preferred courses at leading universities in India.


Nurturing healthy,
happy girls

We believe, physical health must be complemented by the mental and emotional wellbeing of children. After-school activities like sports, Karate, yoga, music and dance help the girls discover their strengths, while bonding with their peers. Many of our girls have won trophies at school, district and state levels in Karate, dance, elocution, sports and more.

Regular health checks are organized by qualified doctors at PMF, including dentists, ophthalmologists and pediatricians. Our in-house counsellor helps the girls overcome their limiting and challenging life circumstances and build self-worth. By treating them with respect and compassion, we help them grow as confident and self-assured individuals.

Girls with medals and certificate